Oerkki and zombie spawning

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Oerkki and zombie spawning

by Challa » Post

Hello all,,
I have a question about the spawning of zombies and oerkkies. I have built my house with
default stone blocks. I have a door and windows. I also have a cellar downstairs in the
underground. The walls are fully stone. However zombies and oerkkies spawn there.
I cannot understand this. Isn't that handled as a part of the house?
I am playing minetest-tng.

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Re: Oerkki and zombie spawning

by Andrey01 » Post

I suppose oerkkies and zombies will spawn everywhere where there are those stone blocks (not matter whether they are generated or built by you). Did you try to illuminate the room of your house?

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Re: Oerkki and zombie spawning

by goats » Post

/Minetest_TNG-master/mods/cme/oerrki/init.lua, line 86
spawn_on = {"default:dirt_with_grass", "default:dirt", "default:stone"},

spawn_on = {"default:stone", "default:dirt_with_grass", "default:dirt",
"default:cobblestone", "default:mossycobble", "group:sand",
"default:sandstonebrick", "default:stonebrick", "default:desert_stonebrick",
"default:desert_stone", "default:ice", "default:snowblock",
"default:dirt_with_snow", "default:snow"},

(were groups not a thing? o0)

Make your floor out of something else. :) (Or edit the game to your heart's content.)

What version of the MT engine are you running? I'm somewhat surprised you don't have problems with this very old game.

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