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How to contribute best?

Posted: Tue Oct 20, 2020 11:33
by Lejo
I lately saw and also wrote to multiple topics about how to improve the review process of PRs or what the core devs can do better:

But what if the core devs do everything right and just the contributors create the problems?
So what can we as contributors do better? I hope we can make a great list how to contribute in the attitude of the core devs.

There are already the CONTRIBUTION Guidelines but I'm sure we can find more.

So let me begin:
  • Always double check if there is already a topic for the own problem to prevent duplicates
  • Fully test your PRs
  • Correct errors (checks) independent
  • Add needed documentation
  • Use short and clear messages to explain your problem
  • Answer quickly to requests/qustions
Now it's your turn!