Proposal: a piece for the 5.4

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Proposal: a piece for the 5.4

by Zughy » Post

Just spitballing here: it'd be cool to have a piece for the 5.4 similar to Veloren blog posts. Meaning something which is not just a bullet list, but also a bit visual - images, GIFs. This, beware, is not a proposal for the core devs which are definitely pretty busy already, but for anyone belonging to the community who likes to write.

Imo this could be nice to convey the idea MT is alive, even outside the community itself. So that if someone stumbles upon the site, they will see the piece, click it and can have an idea of what's been done. It doesn't have a wall of text (again, look at Veloren's). This, of course, requires the writer(s) to be able to compile the development branch to try out those features and eventually take a screenshot/make a GIF out of it.

Q: Why don't you do that yourself?
A: I'm already busy helping MT in other ways and I'm not a native speaker

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