I NEED HELP.. What Is This?

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I NEED HELP.. What Is This?

by Big3Force » Post

I have Massive Randon lava flows in my server.. i tried everything.. i dont know how to stop them from forming randomly..
Any Help would be greatfull.
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Re: I NEED HELP.. What Is This?

by duane » Post

The last time I saw that was when I was working on a lua mapgen that opened up air underground. The standard minetest mapgen was trying to create caves (sometimes full of lava) in the open air, so it just left big blobs of lava in the air. If you're not running any mapen mods, you might want to check your minetest.conf file and see if your lava/cave settings are sensible.
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Re: I NEED HELP.. What Is This?

by Festus1965 » Post

fly over the top as admin and put a water over it, so not so dangerous anymore as stone / obsidian then ...

maybe change the mapgen ...
or report more exacly about what mapgen and problem on github, gitlab or whatever they are ...
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