[LICENSE ] Is the SSPL license "free" enough for CDB

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[LICENSE ] Is the SSPL license "free" enough for CDB

by srinivas » Post

The SSPL ( first used by mongoDB ) is a modified GPL. The key difference if my understanding is correct is that it requires derivatives that are provided as a service to be licensed under a free license.
It is however not FSF approved wrt to it's compatibility with the GPL.

the link containg the differences b/w the SSPL and the AGPL can be found at https://webassets.mongodb.com/_com_assets/legal/SSPL-compared-to-AGPL.pdf

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Re: [LICENSE ] Is the SSPL license "free" enough for CDB

by benrob0329 » Post

I'm not seeing thats it's OSI approved, and since lawyers aren't too common here it's probably best to stay away from non OSI-approved licenses.
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