Split a server into survival and creative zones?

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Split a server into survival and creative zones?

by tuxmain » Post


When we want both survival and creative worlds, the easiest is to run two servers on two different ports.

Is it possible to split a single world into two zones, one creative and one survival?

Switching between creative and survival only needs a commandblock, for example (for changing privs and teleporting). But players should not be allowed to transport items between the two zones. We would need two inventories. (and two home positions!)
If the fly and noclip privs are allowed in creative zone, then we need a special uncrossable wall.
/give and /teleport commands should be modified.
The travelnet mod or any other teleport mod may be a problem.

Is there a mod to do that? If not, is it even possible to do that with a mod?


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Re: Split a server into survival and creative zones?

by Linuxdirk » Post

Yes, this can be done by a (custom) mod and maybe use the areas mod to define where the zones are.

You could check in a global step in what zone a player is is then change the player's inventory and permissions accordingly.

When going a little over the top you could even use an own inventory for every zone.

You just need to check on placing a node or dropping an item not interacting with a chest, or etc. if the player is in the area where the "target" is so players can't sneak out anything from an area.

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