MineTest THE Game legacy content?

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MineTest THE Game legacy content?

by LouieBrown » Post

As a newbie to the minetest world and who has never played MCcobbledycraft .
I really am a huge fan of the MTG series of games, i have been totally immersed and have had great fun tinkering with the game engine and also the ingenious mods that enrich the gaming experience .

The core developers have now abandoned MTG and given it up as a lost cause .
probably for the best as their focus is on niche games and concepts ,the type that developers salivate over that often have no great appeal to mainstream gamers,that's fine and dandy just add a legacy content tab so we can filter it out .

I think negativity toward MTG is just a knee jerk reaction by the staginated few .the victor meldrews if you will . repeating thmselves in parrot fashion with no real substance.

So despite this old outdated engine and dodgy code being no longer fit for purpose . Perhaps not enough eye candy effects to make it comply with the industry standard look, or it does not behave exactly as MCobbledycraft and its familiar blend of pinched genera.MTG still remains very fun and absorbing .
Now i know i am not the only one as there are old timers and newcomers alike that have commented on the enjoyment of playing MTG and its derivatives.

So in its present working state do you think the gameplay is a right off or can a fully fledged game be salvaged from the content to encapsulate the feature rich creative history of mind test the game and the modding community.

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