Mineclone2 Speedruns

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Re: Mineclone2 Speedruns

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NO11 wrote:
Mon Feb 08, 2021 18:48
Sorry, but it is impossible to play through the Nether in 0.70 because you often just start to burn (https://git.minetest.land/MineClone2/Mi ... issues/968). I managed to get into the nether in 15 minutes today, but burned down. Can I also run speedrun in the current master version? That would be a lot more fun. Otherwise I will wait until 0.71, but 0.70 speedrun is not possible, really.
0.70 Is possible but really hard. With Villager it's easyer. Villager can trade you enderperals thats the reason why 0.71.0 +

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