SpiderWebb Servers - Found intrest in this game!

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SpiderWebb Servers - Found intrest in this game!

by wacossusca34 » Post

Hey, I'm a HUGE fan of Linux and Minecraft. Minecraft, being coded in java, and having some stupid developers, doesn't seem to be going where I want it to.

I'm planning on hosting a Minetest server, one I get everything set up. You can visit my website at h.hopto.org

If you have Minecraft, or want to play it, visit my minecraft server at w.hopto.org

To get Minecraft for free (Cracked version, my server accepts cracked accounts), download this file: <nope.> <- admin edit: no illegal downloads here.

The minetest server IP will be w.hopto.org:30000, unless I say otherwise

Good luck on the development of this game!

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by sfan5 » Post

Free Build or with Registration?
Mods: Mesecons | WorldEdit | Nuke & Minetest builds for Windows (32-bit & 64-bit)

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by Calinou » Post

You aren't allowed to distribute Minecraft.

"and having some stupid developers"
How are they stupid? They make awesome stuff, which runs at 100+ FPS on far+fancy.

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by hmmm » Post

I have a legal copy of Minecraft and I'll consider trying out your server. (Despite the fact that you just insulted us by associating us with pirates.)

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