Hey everybody.

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Hey everybody.

by Zekermei » Post

Hows everyone doing? So recently, ive been kind of bored of minecraft, so i decided to go find a clone of it for shits and giggles, and stumbled upon this little beauty. Mintest-c55. This has to be one of the best minecraft clones ive ever seen. Although it doesnt have much, such as sounds, or, a bunch of ores, i do hope to see alot of things in the future, and i do hope to be helping you guys out by doing random things. Like making textures, or making new mobs, or adding sounds, etc. I hope to have a wonderful time here.

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by RAPHAEL » Post

To Zekermei, welcome aboard. I'm sure any help would be appreciated from the devs and community. Go through the forums and you will find a lot of suggestions for features.

I hope you enjoy Minetest as much as I have.
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