New Server+New to game =)

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New Server+New to game =)

by Waffelz » Sun Apr 21, 2013 21:00

Hello guys i'm Wafflez (nooby name) Im new to this game and was wondering if anyone would want to play a server with me. But i dont know how to make a server public. If anyone responds to this thanks SO much!

Your friend,

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by quick.dudley » Mon Apr 22, 2013 05:15

To make a server public:
1: Go to your router settings and make sure port 30000 (or whatever port you're actually using) is forwarded to your computer
2: Decide whether you want to run the server from the GUI or from the CLI. GUI is easier but it only runs when you are logged in.
3: Go to the "Advanced" tab. Leave the host name blank. Check the "public" checkbox. Done.
3: make a copy of minetest.conf (I call mine server.conf)
4: Edit server.conf so that server_announce = 1
5: (optional) Continue editing server.conf, adding the fields server_name and server_description
6: run "minetestserver --config <full path to server.conf> --gameid minetest --worldname <name of your map>"

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by Waffelz » Mon Apr 22, 2013 15:11

Ok, thanks SO much!

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