What Minetest needs to be MORE popular than Minecraft

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by paramat » Mon Dec 09, 2013 14:34

Ah it's 'Disclosure TV', with 4 channels of trashy conspiracy / UFO programmes ;)

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by BrunoMine » Mon Dec 09, 2013 19:19

Internet is 99% publicity

in casual gaming sites.
What will be the target audience of minetest?
More interface. = More public.

kkkkkkkk, aliens
my english is very bad kkkkkkkkkkkkk

paramat wrote:Ah it's 'Disclosure TV', with 4 channels of trashy conspiracy / UFO programmes ;)

No longer a secret! :(
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by rubenwardy » Fri Dec 13, 2013 14:59

jojoa1997 wrote:
PilzAdam wrote:
jojoa1997 wrote:BTW I am pretty sure Minetest doesnt have 16x16x16 blocks. What about the 32x32 or even VanessaE's 512x512 texturepacks. Also I made a nodebox with some of the parts being 1/10 tall. Minecraft and Minetest have cubes that can be any size.

Eh, a block (or mapblock) is 16x16x16 nodes (a node is what you meant by "block").

For someone who has 2,900 posts, you do not know much about Minetest.

You should really read up on http://dev.minetest.net/terminology


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