Bullet physics

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Bullet physics

by roboman2444 » Post

I am trying to implement bullet physics into minetest. Any tips on how to make it use the world mesh as the bullet world?
Im thinking of using the VBO that it generates, but idk how to do this either.

actually, making a heightmap sort of thing from the map voxel data would work also, i guess that would make hills "smooth" and a ball would roll down it instead of bump down it, but thats ok. I still have no idea on how to do this still.
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by nextmissinglink » Post

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by jojoa1997 » Post

Look at keaza's firearms mod
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by Traxie21 » Post

jojoa1997 wrote:Look at keaza's firearms mod
Dude, not real bullets, Bullet Physics Engine.

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by kaeza » Post

erhm... have you look at the date of this post? 2011-06-11
Edit: Anyway, I have the base code for these "bullets physics"; I just need to add them to firearms :)
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by Calinou » Post

Topic closed, please don't bump old topics like this, this is even worse if you don't even know what "Bullet" is here. It's a physics library.


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