A way to increase connection timeout?

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A way to increase connection timeout?

by RAPHAEL » Post

If there a way to increase the connection timeout through a config file? If not this might be worth implementing.

Just to make sure you know what I mean, when you FIRST connect to a server (right after clicking connect button but before connected to the server).

Might also be a good idea to implement ability to change the timeout thing through a config file after connecting when the client is downloading the stuff from the server.

Sometimes it needs to be edited for certain uses.
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by redcrab » Post

Even more ... during waiting, be able to cancel the wait and return to login
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by sfan5 » Post

+2 for the Idea
+2 for redcrabs Idea
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by mrgasp » Post

That would be nice, i hate waiting the 10 seconds to go back and fix a typo...and if the config would allow it to be longer, it'd become bothersome.

+4 for the two ideas...you two can fight over them.
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by Jordach » Post

with steel swords. :)
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by mahho » Post


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