Tips for a Nub?

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Tips for a Nub?

by Garlotch » Wed Aug 13, 2014 03:20

Hey guys, I have decided to try different games because I can no longer run minecraft on my computer/s, due to they being too old, and me not having enough money to upgrade. I have no idea what Minetest is, but it looks pretty sweet so far... is there any thing I should know before attempting to play this game? Any tips for a noob?


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Re: Tips for a Nub?

by HeroOfTheWinds » Wed Aug 13, 2014 04:13

Well, if you've played minecraft, I suppose there isn't too much that needs to be told on how to proceed... Although, the closest mod to redstone you'll get is Mesecons, and nodes don't drop on the ground when you dig them. Rather, they go straight to your inventory. Some tool crafting recipes and stair recipes are horizontally flipped as well. When you die, your inventory goes into a "bones" block that you right click to access, rather than just falling on a heap that can disappear after a few minutes.
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Re: Tips for a Nub?

by Dragonop » Wed Aug 13, 2014 20:58

Also there is no crafting table. No nether (get it from mods).
To run first grant yourself the fast priv [/grant singleplayer [fast or other like fly]] and then enable fast [press the J key], then run with the use key [see in configuration]
Sticks are made from 1 wood instead of 2.
No mobs [use mods]
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Re: Tips for a Nub?

by hoodedice » Thu Aug 14, 2014 02:07

1. Don't expect a polished product.
2. Expect a friendly community (we won't bite =3 ), but we expect you to search the forums first.
3. Use Shift to avoid falling off a block.
4. Use the official Minetest for android, and not the custom things like Buildcraft, etc.
5. Follow @MinetestCommune on Twitter ^.^
6. /grant singleplayer all
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