I'm new... very new...

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Re: I'm new... very new...

by hoodedice » Sat Aug 23, 2014 04:59

huasonshine wrote:"Copy this folder to C:\Users\Sonuahua\Desktop\minetest-0.4.10-win64\bin\

these folders already appear in that designated folder, should I replace them?[/quote]

7:42 PM - Bauglio: I think if you go to staples you could steal firmware from a fax machine that would run better than win10 does on any platform
7:42 PM - Bauglio: so fudge the stable build
7:43 PM - Bauglio: get the staple build

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Re: I'm new... very new...

by huasonshine » Sat Aug 23, 2014 20:05

done! :) thank you
I will save that as well.. but my antivirus has crashed soooo... I reckon I can't put off my rebuild any longer... catch ya'll on the flipside...


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