Minetest 5.0.1 - Où est le menu textures

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Minetest 5.0.1 - Où est le menu textures

by vincentux » Thu Jun 06, 2019 10:34

I wanted to install a texture package (this one: viewtopic.php?f=4&t=19043)
but I can't find the textures tab in the main menu.
I downloaded the file into c:\minetest\textures\
and I even tried to modify the mintest.conf file as indicated in this tutorial: viewtopic.php?f=4&t=1592

Info : I am under windows with Minstest 5.0.1

[EDIT] well I still don't have the menu but I managed to use the texture pack by modifying the file minetest.conf

Thank you for your help
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Hugues Ross
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Re: Minetest 5.0.1 - Où est le menu textures

by Hugues Ross » Thu Jun 06, 2019 20:29

Normalement, les textures devrais etre dans le tab de contenu.

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