Texture "Converter" for Windows

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Texture "Converter" for Windows

by ScreamingLlama » Post

I notice that a fewer "newer" packs for Java-version has other names on their files and folders (items is item, blocks is block) and names on the files is not the same for all. So I made a bat-file that fix this.

The bat-file can be found and downloaded:

It might not be complete, cause I had some problems finding all the file-names on all textures on minetest.

1. Put the in the texturefolder where item + block are.
2. Copy the icon/screenshot/logo for the texture pack (found in most texture root folder) and put it in the same folder where item + block are, rename it to "screenshot.png"
3. Run the mc-2-minetest.bat
4. Rename the folder that was created (output) to the texture pack name.
5. Move the renamed folder to minetest texture-folder.

EDIT: I updated and added also for older texture packs.

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