Possible to customize GUIs?

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Possible to customize GUIs?

by subtra3t » Post

Is it possible to customize the HUDs, GUIs, and fonts via a texture pack?

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Re: Possible to customize GUIs?

by Linuxdirk » Post

Everything that has a texture defined can be changed by a texture pack.

The GUI itself is defined by code and cannot easily changed without access to the code (i.e. on an own server or in singleplayer where you can control the code and mods.)

The font type and size can be configured using the font configuration options in minetest.conf.

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Re: Possible to customize GUIs?

by rubenwardy » Post

You need a mod to customise GUIs. You can use formspec prepend and styling (style[)
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Re: Possible to customize GUIs?

by sirrobzeroone » Post

I haven't finished the games these gui's are attached too, but the left gui works well the right one with the asymetric style works okay although you have to do a little more with showing hiding the hotbar.

Both have been built ontop of sfinv and then some trickery with graphics. I'm not going to say it was easy but it can be done. The right one also closes up the side bar when not in creative....Hopefully I get the games finished one day....thats the hard bit.

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