Something to use ;)

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Something to use ;)

by Synd1katE » Post

Hey guys,

I was bored and did some pixel art for some random items.
Just use them whatever way you want to - they are release under the

license: WTFPL.

Whenever I come around to make more, I will release them here too.

The only thing I would like you to do, is link me what you are doing with it - that's not mandatory though.

Have fun! :)

EDIT: I decided to upload the .xcf files as well, because why not. License is as stated above, would be nice to let me know if you use it, anyways. (It's compressed now because I can only upload three attachments.)
For all the tar -xvzf lovers :)
(1.64 KiB) Downloaded 164 times
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(2.67 KiB) Downloaded 41 times
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Re: Something to use ;)

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