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How to install a texture pack

PostPosted: Mon Apr 09, 2012 00:22
by celeron55
Installing texture packs:

Put the texture pack folder in
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<minetest directory>/textures/

So that <minetest directory>/textures/ with it's contents looks like this (example packs "HDX" and "Misa"):
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├── HDX/
│ ├── info.txt
│ ├── screenshot.png
│ ├── default_wood.png
│ └── ...
└── Misa/
  ├── info.txt
  ├── screenshot.png
  ├── default_brick.png
  └── ...

Enabling texture packs

Select the entry in the Textures tab of the main menu.


Put the textures without subfolders in any place you like, and add this configuration setting, with the proper path, in minetest.conf:
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texture_path = C:\path\to\texture\directory

However, keep in mind that 0.4 wants paths with the modname_ prefixes, while 0.3 cannot understand them.

More info

Some texture packs assume you will copy just everything over the original files. In such cases, you can either do that, or just copy them from the subfolders into either of the above places.

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