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by minerdudetest » Sat Sep 08, 2018 16:47

contains textures from:
- Vilja Pix 16 (Sporax version) CC-BY-SA v4 Forum Link
- PixelPerfectionV36 16px [100%] (Sofar version), converted from XSSheep's Pixel Perfection. CC-BY-SA v4 Forum Link

Because for me it felt that Vilja is too plain (boring) in dirt, sand, wood, plants;
But PixelPerfection is lacking in furnace, chest etc, so...
so ... I just smashed them together purely for personal and maybe someone else finds this joyful.

Feel free to re-smash them as you see fit following the license!
Give kudos to the authors (you can omit me):
Copyright belongs to the people who made this two packs, I just respinned them.

License: CC-BY-SA v4, ofc.

What was smashed:
- PixelPerfection: removed tools, mese block, torch, glass, gravel, tnt and few other things
- PixelPerfection: kept woods, dirt, snow, sand blocks, dye, plants
- took that ^ -> and overwrote the ViljaPix16
- finally removed moreblocks_plankstone because it looked weird with result

So most of vegetation and default blocks (but not all) comes from PixelPerfection,
rest (thats a LOT) comes from ViljaPix16.

If you find some inconsistency or meh's, report them here. :)


Pic, because everyone loves them:

Second release
(517.13 KiB) Downloaded 38 times
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Re: ViljaMix16

by minerdudetest » Sat Sep 08, 2018 17:38

Log-log of fixed/released(+) or yet unreleased(-) stuff so far:
Code: Select all
+ default_sign.png appears to match the default_wood_sign.png, which is wrong. 1st is for "signs" mod, 2nd is stock sign. default_sign.png got an updated image.
+ moreblocks_checker_stone_tile.png was not present anywhere and was recreated.
+ steel tools are not too shiny, as they should be, shine-ified them.
- selectively update some textures from ViljaPix by Jozet?

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