[SKIN] PewDiePie Skin (Minetest) by DeathGOD7

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[SKIN] PewDiePie Skin (Minetest) by DeathGOD7

by DeathGOD7 » Post

Here is the skin of PewDiePie for Minetest.
(Converted from Minecraft Skin)

1. Download this file, extract it. (Note : Can also be downloaded from attachments)
2. Then put the "character.png" file to this directory :

Code: Select all

Your Minetest Installation\games\minetest_game\mods\player_api\models
(Backup your previous skin)
3. Voilla, you have PewDiePie skin in your game.

NOTE : If you want this skin in online server, ask the server owner to apply this skin for you.


PewDiePie Skin [Minetest] by DeathGOD7.rar
(2.6 KiB) Downloaded 84 times
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Re: [SKIN] PewDiePie Skin (Minetest) by DeathGOD7

by The_Warfare_Dude » Post

That's cool, will it work for other skins?

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Re: [SKIN] PewDiePie Skin (Minetest) by DeathGOD7

by Miniontoby » Post

I could convert also every Minecraft skin into a Minetest skin
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