Custom Hotbar Textures

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Custom Hotbar Textures

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while attempting to convert hotbar textures from a free minecraft texture pack to minetest, i discovered that the size proportions are fundamentally different.
i was not unwilling to edit/redraw the texture from scratch, but stumbled over the problem that it was quite impossible to figure out the required size/scale for minetest hotbar textures.

thanks to an example texture created by stan5 i discovered the numbers that i needed to know.
and so i made this "texture pack" to share my findings with others who want to use custom hotbar textures in their games.

this pack includes two and a half sample sets, and documentation.
i forgot my github password (again), so i'm uploading it here instead.
(4.27 KiB) Downloaded 10 times

edit: don't expect anything fancy, the samples were made to look like MTG's textures.
i'll include my custom game textures when i make them, but i'm currently working on other things.
=(^.^)= nyan~

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