Cel-Shaded Texture Pack (WIP)

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Cel-Shaded Texture Pack (WIP)

by Whitenickel » Post

Hi Everyone!

Recently I've been playing Borderlands (maybe a little too much) and I have fallen in love with the animation style of Cel-Shading. I thought to my self "How awesome would it be to make a MineTest Cel-shaded texture pack?" -- Well now I'm trying it!

I've been looking at tons of cel-shading material and I think I have enough to make my own (and first) texture pack! Wish me luck as I dive into this adventurous quest!

I will keep this thread as up to date as I can!

EDIT: I have a lot done to it a screenshot should be coming soon. I've been plagued with tons of work for class and it's been hard juggling things around lately. Sure enough, this texture pack is getting done, just at a very slow rate at the moment.
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by cyberslayer » Post

omg yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy upload it nowwwwwwww i want it =0

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