My texture wont work

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My texture wont work

by Chinchow » Post

I made a tool texture but some of the pixels stay flat and dont stretch back what happened
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by jojoa1997 » Post

can you show the pic of the problem and also the texture file
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by Mito551 » Post

there are transparent pixels in the place where they don't stretch.

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by PilzAdam » Post

Only opaque pixel have the "3D" thing when wielded.

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by Kaisar15455 » Post

Why texture stopped working? Can you show texture file.

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by Shakib22445 » Post

I made a tool texture but some of the pixels stay flat.

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by Calinou » Post

You should only use 1-bit alpha unless you want to make your item flat.

In GIMP: Layer → Transparency → Alpha Threshold.

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