[Resource Pack]Good Morning Craft[For Minetest]

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[Resource Pack]Good Morning Craft[For Minetest]

by Ikishida » Post

Hey guys! I looked through my Minecraft folder and found my old favorite texture pack "Good Morning Craft" then,I searched The forums for good morning craft,NOTHING SHOWED UP!then,I thought "why does minecraft has it? and minetest doesn't?" then I came up with the idea of converting it into minetest! sorry if i can't post screenshots,if you like to see em' go to www.planetminecraft.com and search Good Morning Craft in the texture packs section.

Supported Mods:
Bed Mod by Block Men
Quartz Mod by Evergreen

Download Link:http://www.mediafire.com/download/7vvuq ... +Craft.zip

To do:
change the nether texture names

Thank you,please appreciate it,I did a loooooot of work to do this...
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by Casimir » Post

Ikishida wrote:then,I thought "why does minecraft has it? and minetest doesn't?"
Because of "License: All Rights Reserved"
I recomend asking the creater of the texturepack for permission to convert it to minetest.

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by PilzAdam » Post

AFAIK Terasology uses this TP, but with permission from the author (not sure, though).

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by metouto » Post

PilzAdam wrote:AFAIK Terasology uses this TP, but with permission from the author (not sure, though).
Yes your are correct .... Terasology has been using it (with permission from/by the author) for quite sometime now :)
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by Annahstas » Post

I tried looking it up- there 50,000 plus packs on that site under the same name. Maybe adding a few screenshots of your own would help you as well.
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