[macOS] Neoascetic's nightly builds and others

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Re: [macOS] Neoascetic's nightly builds and others

by Zen » Sun Apr 14, 2019 22:56

ashvay wrote:
R-One wrote:Hello,

Brew is not up to date with the current stable version of Minetest (5.0.0)

Will there be an upcoming update, or a way to have a stable version for Mac OS X?

Thank you

I've pulled a commit to update to 5.0.1 - please try again updating from Homebrew now.


How did you do that without putting in a test block?

Code: Select all
  test do
    # Note: only --videomodes works with a user data directory.
    # Both --run-unittests and --speedtests generate OpenCL errors.
    (testpath/"Library/Application Support/minetest/debug.txt").write("")
    system "#{prefix}/minetest.app/Contents/MacOS/minetest", "--videomodes"


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