Stable macOS Builds? I'll host them...

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Stable macOS Builds? I'll host them...

by cainram » Wed Aug 09, 2017 21:13


There used to be a place to download stable builds for macOS (OS X) and it seems that has petered out... I have only been able to find daily builds. The build I'm using now seems to work ok but I would like to be on the same build as my server (Ubuntu Server 16.04 running 0.4.16) and my daughter's Windows computer running 0.4.16 stable. If anyone is interested in compiling a semi-official stable build for the few most recent versions, I'd be happy to host them on my site. It isn't going anywhere soon.

Let me know and thanks in advance!

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Re: Stable macOS Builds? I'll host them...

by acheron » Thu Jun 07, 2018 17:55

Honestly, this homebew-thing sucks. Extremely.

If you are a OS X User that's used to installing stuff by dragging to Applications, you are obligated/obliged (sorry, not my mother tongue) into using some weird cli-stuff. It puts the software you want into places you did not know that they existed (and you DIDN'T WANT TO KNOW), and after installation you can't start the software through your Applications-Directory (I'm sure there is a way to link or whatever it there, but no, I don't want to know). But at least, you have package management now. Awesome.

If you are a developer on the other side, somebody who knows about git and all that stuff and like using the bleeding edge newest unstable development version, you get this nice for download.

Shouldn't it be the other way round?? There even was this forum member who was willing to host the release versions for osx, but it was declined with a hint at homebrew. Really, wtf???

Sorry for the rant, and please believe me that I am really impressed and thankful for the awesome work you guys put into minetest, probably in your spare time. But homebrew as the primary distribution channel for OS X? This way, I'm sure minetest simply does not exist for the vast majority of OS X users.

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