[Docker] Minetest Docker images

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[Docker] Minetest Docker images

by webdesigner97 » Thu Sep 21, 2017 11:47

Minetest Docker images
I'm publishing some Docker images containing a Minetest server on Docker Hub. Please excuse the short description there, I'll extend it later.

Launching a simple "throw away" server without any persistence:
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$ sudo docker run --rm -p 30000:30000/udp webd97/minetestserver:<tag>

Please note: A server launched with this command will not save any game data. It is for demonstration purposes only! I will add more advanced commands later.

The images are based on Alpine Linux. These images are quite basic at the moment, e.g. they don't include any additional database backends yet. Also, I'm pretty sure there are still many optimisations possible to reduce the image size. I'll take a look at that as soon as possible.

Update 09/25/2017: All images now support LuaJIT!

Available tags
Use one of these tags as <tag> in the above command to specify a specific version/setup of the server. If you pass no tag at all, it defaults to latest.

Base image: alpine:latest
Minetest version: dev
Minetest_game version: dev
Base image: alpine:latest
Minetest version:
Minetest_game version: 0.4.17

Base image: alpine:latest
Minetest version: 0.4.16
Minetest_game version: 0.4.17
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Re: [Docker] Minetest Docker images

by rubenwardy » Thu Sep 21, 2017 11:57

Thought I'd post this to warn people:

Please note that while docker is convenient for deployment, it isn't intended for security. There have been lots of privilege escalation bugs - there was just one last week actually - that have allowed malicious code execution in dockers to easily gain root on the host system. And it's not like Minetest hasn't suffered from remote code vulnerabilities before.

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