[Windows] CS's 64-bit Builds With LuaSocket

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[Windows] CS's 64-bit Builds With LuaSocket

by ChimneySwift » Mon Jun 25, 2018 11:55

LuaSocket is a requirement for the popular IRC Mod, and having it opens up a number of modding possibilities, however getting LuaSocket to compile with Minetest for Windows was a pain, so I thought I'd share these builds:

Server Build
Client (& Server) Build

Hopefully someone finds them useful :)

EDIT: Builds also include LevelDB and LuaJIT, and since the LuaJIT is dynamically linked these builds can be expanded with additional libraries like LuaSocket which require a dynamically linked Lua library.

Another edit: The zip files and folder in them does suggest the version is 0.4.16, but it is actually, I forgot to rename them.
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