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[macOS server] dedicated server package

Posted: Wed May 08, 2019 09:21
by snoopy
Please note there may be a dedicated server package for macOS in the future.

In the meantime please refer to the macOS & MacPorts topic.

[macOS server] bundling of mods

Posted: Fri May 17, 2019 21:02
by snoopy
I got some minor advice to avoid 'minetest_game' as it was called out-dated. IMHO a poor misunderstanding.

A reasonable bundle of the 'minetest_game' with compatible modification packages

Enjoying the Minetest (MT) game by local MacPorts build and/or Neoascetic's builds on Mac OS X with a local server and several modifications.

There are many official and inofficial MT server available on the Internet. Several server provide a specific game experience by certain game models both quite advanced and different from the default.

However, without questioning anyone's competence or any high ambitions, we at home have just a local dedicated MT 5.0.1 server running 24/7 on macOS 10.12.6 with 16 GB RAM on standard Mac mini hardware and until today are not aware of such issues. Most of the time we as a family with many kids of all ages were enjoying a fruitful and more peaceful game based on the 'minetest_game' by help of Neoascetic's builds with mod additions since 0.4.15 or earlier in a similar way.

N.B. Obviously, the below listed mods can be applied to any MT client and any MT server on any OS of your liking.

Currently, we are enjoying a LAN distributed MT 5.0.1 game with certainly the default 'minetest_game' and the following mods in the applicable game mods folder of the central MT server:
  1. the bakedclay mod
  2. the boats mod (redo, improved version)
  3. the bonemeal mod
  4. the carts mod (redo, improved version)
  5. the [url=https://%20/craftguide]craftguide[/url] mod
  6. the doors mod (redo, improved version)
  7. the ethereal mod, game package (see the forum topic)
  8. the farming mod a.k.a. farming_redo (redo, improved version)
  9. the hud_hunger modpack
  10. the intllib-20180811 mod (Internationalization Mod by @kaeza, see the Readme on GitHub)
  11. the lucky_block mod
  12. the minetest-3d_armor-version-0.4.13 (ZIP-file) player's Armor mod (see the forum topic)
  13. the mob_horse modpack (depends on mobs_redo)
  14. the mobs_animal modpack (depends on mobs_redo)
  15. the mobs_monster modpack (depends on mobs_redo)
  16. the mobs_redo modpack, meta package (see the forum topic)
  17. the moreores mod
  18. the pie mod
  19. the protector mod
  20. the signs_lib mod
  21. the toolranks mod
For good reasons most mods are picked from the TenPlus1 mod repository at NotABug for avoiding compatibility issues. Please note:
  • Ethereal NG (next-generation) brings many new biomes to Minetest as well as a host of new items and features that spice up gameplay and give players that little something extra to look for while exploring the world. Make sure you are using Minetest 0.4.16+ and start a new world (anything but v6), then enable 'Ethereal' in the mods list of the applicable file.
  • The 'Doors Redo' mod overrides the default doors and provides a key tool that can be used on any registered door that will switch between open, locked, protected status. This means that even wooden, glass and sakura doors can be locked or protected by the user.
  • The 'Protector Redo' mod has separate protected doors in case 'doors redo' isn't in use.
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