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Welcome to a new subgame created by yours truly. :D This game is very small sized so it's easy on your hard drive. :) This game was mostly inspired from two games, Unturned and CubeWorld.
I always wanted a simple colored game so I tried to make it as such. There's not a whole lot to this game, yet, so for now it's like a simple side game to see if people like this kind of thing.
Here is some screenshots. Two for now.



And here's the game's download. I always host on Mediafire because I can't get github to do right. :( ... x.rar/file

For people with a PS3 or Xbox360 controller you may like this little program as it allows you to map your keyboard keys to your remote so you can actually use a controller to enjoy all Minetest games and just about any other game for pc. :D You're welcome! ^.^

Image ... y.rar/file

And lastly a easy video to show you how to set up that controller so you can get right into playing. :D

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