Minequest: An idea for Minetest adventure mod

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Minequest: An idea for Minetest adventure mod

by Red_King_Cyclops » Fri Nov 08, 2019 23:05

Recently, I've thought an idea for a mod, called "Minequest," that would add in a sort-of main quest for MTG, similar to the main adventure in Minecraft. This post isn't a mod request since I would be the one making this mod; this post is more of a preview so you can see what you think of the idea.


Long ago, the dark lord Oerkking, from a shadowy, phantom world, brought evil to the land of Minetest. He brought hordes of oerkkis and dungeon masters to the world, and only after much warfare did the race of Minetesters banish these monsters to the depths. The wars devastated Minetester civilization, and the surviving Minetesters dispersed. However, Oerkking never gave up, and he built a large dungeon underground with a portal to his world.

The players plays as Sam, a Minetester who seeks to avenge his kin and defeat Oerkking.

The Quest

Sam must first survive in the overworld. Once he has met all his survival needs and is well armed, he must mine down thousands of nodes to reach the Deep Dungeon. There is only one Deep Dungeon per world. It is a large dungeon with many dungeon masters. Sam must defeat these monsters and the boss of this dungeon, the Dungeon Lord. Defeating the boss will open a portal to the Oerkkon, a new dimension that is the home of Oerkkis and Oerkking. Sam must enter the Oerkkon, brave its dangers, and find the Oerkkrypt, stronghold of Oerkking. Sam must infiltrate this building and defeat Oerkking. If Sam defeats Oerkking, he will be rewarded with valuables and a trophy. Sam can return to the overworld and continue to play Minetest.

Other Ideas

I would like it if somehow the following features were also included in the story:
  • Mese
  • The air sword
  • Rats
  • Nyan cats (or some equivalent)
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