Can someone make that kind of mode.

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Can someone make that kind of mode.

by valmet565 » Post

Can someone make that kind of mode, please. There are already mods to base it on (peaceful npc, cottages, random buildings, etc).

The goal would be to adding a little features of the 'simcity' to mod game play.

From that found in the original idea. Now Open Source. ... pen-source

There are certainly those who know how to do this. Thank you for all the many good modes.

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Re: Can someone make that kind of mode.

by Sokomine » Post

That does look very intresting, and it would be great to have something roughly similar in Minetest.

What we can do pretty easily is save and place buildings. I'm still fine-tuning mg_villages. That mod will spawn nice looking, complete villages of diffrent types. So far without inhabitants. My mobf_trader mod allows mobs to trade with players, and I've already set up suitable traders for all kinds of jobs found in medieval villages. However, those traders will do nothing but stand around all day long, waiting for players passing by. Other mods handle movement of mobs. One huge problem I see there is that mobs may not be loaded at the time a player vistits the mob's spawn location - and then it's difficult to figure out *why* the mob got lost or where/if he's still around somewhere.
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