Digilines tutorials??!

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Digilines tutorials??!

by ABJ » Sun Jan 18, 2015 13:15

Hello all.
I came here to ask if there is a working digilines tutorial and if there is none, can you help me with some of my questions.
:) Um....as it turns out, I haven't yet been able to access any tutorial on Digilines good enough to help me (the Mesecons one did not answer all my questions and there was a promising tutorial on the forums but it is no longer accessible as it was in PDF and PDF was banned from the forums.............grrr) so I am very frustrated with this. So, if there is any tutorial that is good and can explain all the way down to the luacontrollers and screens, please could you point me to it :). And if there is none then could any of you help me?


That is the question

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