Idea: Isolated mobs

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Re: Idea: Isolated mobs

by TenPlus1 » Post

* sips coffee *

blood_texture = "insert_texture_here.png", -- if not stated then mobs_blood.png is used

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Re: Idea: Isolated mobs

by jbb » Post

The mob api could integrated in the default, so not every mpd has to bring the api with it.
This would be an idea for the new minetest 0.5
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Re: Idea: Isolated mobs

by rubenwardy » Post

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Re: Idea: Isolated mobs

by metaspy » Post

that issue doesnt look like it has been touched in a few months. Is anything coming of it?

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Re: Idea: Isolated mobs

by Sokomine » Post

Wuzzy wrote: I would be glad to see that Mobs Redo would become truly generic and modular, not just like any other Simple Mobs forks.
To a degree. It's still based on "simple mobs" and ought to remain that way. If you really want modular and well-designed, go for Sapiers mobf. The reason why Mobs Redo is of particular intrest is because it's one of the forks of simple mobs, which is in turn used by quite a lot of mob mods, and in addition provides support for a large group of mobs on its own. The mod also works quite well on servers and is relatively easy to use by modders.

What we want (well, I at least) is to get rid of these thousands of forks of mods which more or less do the same and which are a nightmare to maintain and get a basic mobs mod (perhaps without any actual mobs) added to minetest_game. Whenever someone comes up with a nice new model and wants to do a mob, that modder ought to be able to create that mob without having to worry how the mob API is implemented - just using it ought to be enough. For now, this will not cover all mob mods as most are too diffrent internally (mobf can do a lot more but does require models to be rotated by 270 degrees). Players who wish for diffrent behaviour of their mobs might use a diffrent implementation of the mobs API.

Weather or not Mobs Redo covers all that a mob can ever require is of no particular intrest for now. What's far more crucial right now is to figure out how diffrent all those unintentional forks of simple mobs are, and then to create an API based on that. Afterwards, the implementation can and ought to be improved.
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Re: Idea: Isolated mobs

by benrob0329 » Post

I was going to do a mobs API, but then i just got lost in the code of BlockMen's Creatures mod....I couldn't make heads or tales of it at places....

MobF has a LOT of potential, but its not quite as API+Mods as i would like....the Animals Modpack could use some new graphics too...
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