correct call of minetest.node_dig() on_dig() and dig_node()

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correct call of minetest.node_dig() on_dig() and dig_node()

by addi » Wed Aug 05, 2015 18:38

minetest documentation seems to be a bit unclear says:
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on_dig = function(pos, node, digger)

function on_dig takes 3 parameters, none of them seems to be optional. says:
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minetest.node_dig(pos, node, digger)
function also takes 3 arguments non are optional
and now :
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only takes pos as argument. It seems to call minetest.node_dig but without the 2nd and 3rd argument.

shouldn't be the correct documentation of on_dig and node_dig be:
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function(pos [,node [,digger]]) 

or should minetest.dig_node(pos) be minetest.dig_node(pos, node, digger) ?
Or do I understand something wrong?

How is the correct call of on_dig()?
Witch arguments do I always get to work with?

Thanks in advance.

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Re: correct call of minetest.node_dig() on_dig() and dig_nod

by rubenwardy » Wed Aug 05, 2015 19:15

lua_api.txt wrote:minetest.dig_node(pos)
* Dig node with the same effects that a player would cause
* Returns true if successful, false on failure (e.g. protected location)

This is meant to be called out of the blue, doesn't need to be in a node definition. You can use it the same as minetest.set_node.

lua_api.txt wrote:minetest.node_dig(pos, node, digger)
* Checks if node can be dug, puts item into inventory, removes node
* Calls functions registered by minetest.registered_on_dignodes()

This is meant to be added to a node def, like on_dig = minetest.node_dig.

lua_api.txt wrote:on_dig = func(pos, node, digger)

these variables are the same number as you can see, they match.

minetest.node_dig != minetest.dig_node.

However, it is inconsistent that node isn't passed. Not passing a digger is understandable, as it's done by code.

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