Mod wich add gravel (or more stones) to undeground?

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Mod wich add gravel (or more stones) to undeground?

by amadin » Thu Aug 06, 2015 15:58

Does there is a mod wich add gravel (or stone with a different tint) to undeground? I find only badrock mod with deepstone but it need to re-create world.

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Re: Mod wich add gravel (or more stones) to undeground?

by Napiophelios » Fri Aug 07, 2015 04:53

The Darkage mod can be added into an existing map but ores and stones will only appear in newly generated areas I think.
It has lots of variety and its organized so the user can disable stuff they dont want to use.
The ore generation is kinda dated compared to the current method,
but I still use it and have had no significant slow downs or errors using with the latest Minetest game. ... &q=darkage
MasterGollum's is the original.
Craigy David's has been updated and accommadates more recent/popular mods like moreblocks etc.

There is another more recent mod called More Rocks by Thomas Brod
its still a W.I.P. but has nice results...but it has to be used from the start I believe.

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