[mod idea] wavelines - analog lines

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[mod idea] wavelines - analog lines

by thomasthespacefox » Fri Aug 07, 2015 01:49

I'm not that good at lua i mean i can make normal nodes all day long but for this is above my skills at the moment.

my idea is for a lines syetem (similar to mese and digilines and that can interface with them through special components)
that has a decimal value (in the form 0.XX from 0 to 1. when 2 or more wavelines signals are on 1 wavelines line, the sum of them (or 1 if higher than 1) is the value of that wavelines line.
the decimal value is like a "frequency"
here is a quote from: "Post your mod requests/ideas here"
thomasthespacefox wrote:
i did have an idea for
wavelines: (analog circut component.
analog "waveform" lines in GREEN that have a number value range starting with 0 (off) and a 1 (on) with the decimals as 0.xx
the idea is that you could have:
-digilines and mese components that can be set to convert the frequency to mese and digilines signals
-mese components that can be set to emit a certain frequency when it is activated by a mese signal
-digilines component that a luacontroller would send a message to (digilines_send("wavelines1","0.85") for example) and it would emit that frequency as a wavelines signal.

what kind of uses?:
-player proximity sensor: detects players and sends the distance of the nearest player in its range (or chosen player if in range) as a wavelines signal
-wavelines light: a light that automatically changes color based on a wavelines signal "has a range of colors at different brightness.
wavelines dimmer: you enter a 0 to 1 decimal value (o.xx) and it sends that as a wavelines signal

if more than one wavelines signal is in contact then the value will be the sum but not higher than 1 if higher than 1 the wavelines value will be 1.

as i said this is an idea, I think this would be a very useful mod for minetest, especially when used with mesecons and digilines.

other ideas:
-add insulated wavelines connectors like the ones in mesecons
-scale measures the number of non air nodes above it 0.00 being zero and 1.00 being its maximum range or higher.
-conditional frequency gate: sends a specified wavelines frequency on its output when its input receives a specified frequency.
conditional mesecons frequency gate: sends a mese signal on its output when a specified frequency is received on its input.

anyone interested in working on something like this?
any ideas for components?
what are your thoughts?

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