Food item API?

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Food item API?

by Joseph16 » Fri Apr 14, 2017 23:29

I know if you want to make a new note you type Minetest.register.node in init.lua but can someone give me a API for creating and eatable item? I making a food mod that adds one single item in and I need to know what I need to put in order for it to work: how much Health it refills, and how to make it register as an eatable item. Thanks! EDIT: I figured it out.
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Re: Food item API?

by kaeza » Sat Apr 22, 2017 19:33

A small note: always follow up with a brief note on the solution (Related xkcd).

For the benefit of other users, you should use `minetest.item_eat` like so:

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minetest.register_whatever("foobar", {
  -- ... Other fields here
  -- hp_to_restore is in half-heart units.
  -- 1 heals half a heart, 2 heals a full heart, and so on.
  on_use = minetest.item_eat(hp_to_restore),
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