Changing sky color with 'get_sky()'.

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Changing sky color with 'get_sky()'.

by Scarecrowman » Post

Heads up. Noob-posting.

Has anyone tried to utilize the 'get_sky()' word in any mods they've built or edits of the default subgame?
I'm trying to change the sky color for my texture pack, but I'm having trouble knowing where to start.

I'm new to the Lua programming language as well as Minetest. Be kind, my kung-fu is weak.
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Re: Changing sky color with 'get_sky()'.

by sofar » Post

Maybe the best thing is just to play with the `skybox` mod I made. It has most of the code, and you can use it with a command, or from another mod - as it has a simple API.

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Re: Changing sky color with 'get_sky()'.

by GamingAssociation39 » Post

Let me know what you've got when done because I'm having the same issue.
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