Mod Interactions: The name's the same...

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Mod Interactions: The name's the same...

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Glooptest shares a number of gem node/ item names with technic_aluminum.
There's some overlap in node names in the technic and darkage mods I'm using too.
I'm already working on "work together" code for the game this is all in, and three avenues occur to me:

1) A craft that allows the version from one mod to be changed to the other, ie, you put a glooptest ruby and some sand in your crafting grid and 'refine' it to the technic_aluminum version.

2) Set up some sort of alias or group, IE, gloop ruby and technic_aluminum ruby are in the ruby group and can be used in crafts that need a ruby.

3) Have the version I think is prettier replace the other, making it co-operate with the crafts as needed.

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