Mods for sale?

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Mods for sale?

by rocky1138 » Post

Let's suppose a company made a mod for Minetest. Would they be able to sell it? What are the rules around ownership with mods for Minetest? Has this ever been done before?

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Re: Mods for sale?

by texmex » Post

AFAIK you may definitely sell your mod to a price of your liking. Any already existing code used for this mod has its license defining what should happen with derivates. Most licenses dictates free distribution of the source code. That means everyone may download the source code for free instead of purchasing a release of it, making it a not so plausible business proposition.

If the mod is developed completely from scratch any license may be applied, but only certain open source approved licenses are allowed on the forums and on

Never heard of the existance of commercial mods. The community isn’t large enough, nor does it take very kindly to the idea.
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Re: Mods for sale?

by Linuxdirk » Post

Of course one can make a mod and sell it. If it's under a free license it can be posted in the forums. It would not make much sense to just sell the software as it is when it is under a free license because everyone can redistribute the software as they want.

So it is better to offer the software for free but sell additional service like updates/testing and support (commercial Linux distributors do exactly that).

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Re: Mods for sale?

by GabrielLuke » Post

rocky1138 wrote:
Thu Sep 20, 2018 03:24
Let's suppose a company made a mod for Minetest. Would they be able to sell it? What are the rules around ownership with mods for Minetest? Has this ever been done before?
Minetest is not a game it is a game engine. It is many games.

Downloading mods is not the best way, they might not fit well together. What you need, I think, is a ready-made game.

If you want to try a Minetest game, go to the "Join game" tab, or you can go to the "Content" tab and download a game that looks good.

I recommend the former option because there is more diversity and you have a chance to ask other players questions about the game.

I can't really recommend one of them myself, cause I am more on the game-making side.
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Re: Mods for sale?

by Andrey01 » Post

Hmm, really can Minetest mods be selled? Interestingly to know, how this process would happen on the forums. Although, all mods that people publish are free and unpaid and therefore they can be easily uploaded on Github. But if they are paid...

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Re: Mods for sale?

by Jastiv » Post

I really like the idea of mods for sale, not the idea of making anything proprietary, but the idea that users could get together and pay modders to make stuff that would then be released to everyone, kind of like Santa Claus, so like people would pay modders to make stuff, and then everyone would get them.

I think it would be cool to have some kind of mod funding drive for Christmas to give people Christmas gifts. I know as a kid I used to get video games wrapped in boxes. This would like way better, like you get cool Christmas gifts and fund Christmas gifts for everyone else. What could be more awesome?

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