Is somone be willing to maintain my mod?

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Is somone be willing to maintain my mod?

by isaiah658 » Wed Oct 10, 2018 03:10

Long story short I started on a sub game in June and made some good progress. The game still has a lot of work though and I don't foresee it releasing anytime soon.

One of the custom mods/items I made for the sub game was a "staff of structure" or for those familiar with Minecraft mods a "builder's wand". When you click a node with the wand it places a layer of the same node clicked on a flat surface on top of all the connected nodes of the same node type clicked. The nodes placed are automatically taken from the player's inventory. If that explanation is confusing, look up a video of the builder's wand. It's hard to explain.

The code is fully functional and compact. It would need a bit more testing to ensure no bugs are in the code. Other than that it works. The thing is though that I know people have been wanting such a mod, but my sub game might not be released for awhile and I know I'm not going to be active enough to respond to bugs and other issues in the mod. Basically it would be unmaintained right from the start. I'm hoping someone else is willing to host the code and attempt to fix bugs that are found in the future. If someone is willing to do that, I will get it ready and send it to them. The code and textures are licensed as either WTFPL, CC0, or MIT. I'm ok with any of those. You can choose.

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Re: Is somone be willing to maintain my mod?

by Gael de Sailly » Sat Oct 27, 2018 16:13


Is it possible to see your code and download your subgame? People are more likely to be interested in your project if they can see and test it. The best is to make it available on GitHub.
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Re: Is somone be willing to maintain my mod?

by FaceDeer » Sun Nov 04, 2018 22:51

Perhaps take a look at the Minetest-mods group, its intention is to provide a home for high-quality mods both to allow for some "curation" (you can be sure you're getting a reasonably well written and maintained mod when you go there) and so that if a mod's author drops off the face of the earth someone else can take over.

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Re: Is somone be willing to maintain my mod?

by Brian Gaucher » Mon Nov 05, 2018 02:03

Yeah, unless I know what the mod is, and can see the code. I can't promise anything.
I have made testing mods (following the modding book by some Minetest contributor I forgot the name). And though I still have lots to learn, I'd be probably be willing to try maintaining it with the help of someone with more experience.
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