Worldedit-like capabilities in "survival"?

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Worldedit-like capabilities in "survival"?

by Heraclitus » Fri Dec 28, 2018 21:48

Is there a recommended mod or another way to use Worldedit-like capabilities (copy/paste/autobuild structures, filling blocks of a specific type in shapes, etc.) or some subset of them while only using resources you have available or have crafted (items in your inventory, in chests, or whatever, etc.)? Specifically, I'd like to maintain the "survival" element of limited resources and crafting while utilizing more advanced building techniques such as those possible with Worldedit. (This is for a home server I work on with my son, and he likes the challenge of crafting and gathering resources, as well as the "special" aspect of rare materials that isn't possible in creative mode.)

I've searched a bit for a thread on this, and I've found several building mods (mostly using NPCs but not all) that can create schematics and sometimes have other options (clearing, etc.). But most seem to depend on creative mode -- often with "to-do" features suggesting future implementation of survival, but these don't seem to get done. For example, these two threads/mods seem promising:


But no "survival-style" ability to only construct with only available resources. I recall downloading an old mod several months ago (can't remember which one, but likely an earlier idea related to the above mods), but it was old, buggy, and basically didn't work reliably.

My son and I have "maxed out" a number of survival gameplay features (for example, building all the tech from Technic without any "magic" mods like teleportation), and I've gradually added in mods and features to make certain tasks less tedious once we master them in a more basic "survival-style" fashion. We've made heavy use of Digtron in the past few months (I waited a couple years before adding that mod), even building machines that can construct enormous skyscrapers automatically (with auto placement of floors, windows, stairs, lighting, etc.). But we've hit a limit on building large structures or towns/cities that become tedious without the ability to replicate a structure or part of a structure already created (or to clear areas or fill in areas with nodes that would require a lot of repetitive work or designing a one-off Digtron). My son was also recently inspired by looking at the complexity of things in the Karsthafen map, some of which would only be reasonable to construct with Worldedit-like features. (I've even offered to turn on creative mode for him, and he's so used to limited resources, crafting, etc. that he doesn't want to.)

Any suggestions for mods (or other methods) that are functional and relatively up-to-date to facilitate large-scale building projects in "survival"? Thanks for any advice.

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Re: Worldedit-like capabilities in "survival"?

by Sokomine » Mon Jan 07, 2019 23:08

It depends a bit on what you really want. Usually, WorldEdit is useful for constructing large, detailed, high-quality buildings. When doing those, gathering materials and using them for the construction becomes less and less important. The goal with WorldEdit is to be able to handle larger structures. For smaller ones, manual building may be sufficient.

I ususally build in survival mode but with free items (unified_inventory with creative priv). That gives me slower digging speed and reaction times similar to the surivial mode I'm used to, but does not hinder construction by items not beeing available in the necessary quantity. Which seems to be quite the opposite of what you're looking for?

The build chest from my handle_schematics mod (which you have linked) spawns a saved structure with scaffolding nodes only - if you don't have the creative privilege. You can then click on the scaffolding nodes, and the items will be taken from your inventory and be placed where they belong. This is useful for building pre-defined structures, but not for expressing your own creativity. I hope to be able to teach mobs build the structures using these scaffolding nodes similar to the mobs in towntest and other mobs like that. Trouble is that teaching them to use ladder-like nodes isn't easy.
A list of my mods can be found here.

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Re: Worldedit-like capabilities in "survival"?

by AiTechEye » Tue Jan 08, 2019 22:18

try vexcazer
It requires little knowledge to use, but try it.
i never using worldedit, just this tool and for everything.

it has different tools for different kinds of use, eg survive mode (takes items from you inventory), moderator, admin (does not takes items), world can cause massive effects etc...

i haven't updated the topic for a while, but its lots of things you can do with it

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