Rotate towards 3d vector

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Rotate towards 3d vector

by Extex » Tue Jun 04, 2019 00:38

How would rotate an entity to face a 3d vector?
I know how to do this in 2d but I don't know how to do it in a 3d world
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Re: Rotate towards 3d vector

by Krock » Tue Jun 04, 2019 19:35

Since the X axis is flipped in Minetest, you need to inverse this axis:
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yaw = math.atan2(-my_vector.x, my_vector.z) -- radians!

And pitch will be probably calculated similar to this:
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pitch = math.atan2(-my_vector.y, math.sqrt(my_vector.x^2 + my_vector.z^2))
roll = 0

I'm not familiar with the rotation calculations, so you might not need to invert the Y axis here. At least for the player view that's inverted as well.
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Re: Rotate towards 3d vector

by Termos » Thu Jun 06, 2019 19:15

Extex wrote:How would rotate an entity to face a 3d vector?

One possible solution

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function dir_to_rot(v,rot)
   return {x = (v.x==0 and v.y==0 and v.z==0) and rot.x or math.atan2(v.y,vector.length({x=v.x,y=0,z=v.z})),
         y = (v.x==0 and v.z==0) and rot.y or minetest.dir_to_yaw(v),

Current rotation is passed in case some components are zero, to avoid abruptly setting default yaw and pitch.

Also there's the case of collisions to consider, when direction changes abruptly.

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