[Mods Developers / Translators] Mods' translations requests

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[Mods Developers / Translators] Mods' translations requests

by Hamlet » Post

If you are a mod developer willing to make your mod's contents comprehensible worldwide [*]:
- Add to your mod the Minetest Engine's internationalization (i18n) support: lua_api.txt v5.0.1
- Reply to this thread declaring that your mod is ready for translation/localization (l10n).
- Include in your post a link to the template.txt and to the mod's forum's thread.
- Do the same if your mod's translations need to be updated.

Example: Minetest Game's beds' template.txt

If you are a translator, keep an eye on this thread and
- If you know how to use Git, when your translation is ready open a Pull Request (PR) for the given mod.
- If you do not know how to use Git, when your translation is ready reply to the mod's forum's thread and attach the translation file to your post.

Remember that the translation's file name must be: mod_name.language_code.tr
Example: Minetest Game's beds' Spanish translation - beds.es.tr

Personal considerations:
Due to the number of existing mods, I think that this is the easiest method to keep track of which of them support and/or require translation.
It is a mod developer's job to add internationalization support for his/her mod - not a translator's job.
For a translator it is a waste of time to add internationalization support for a mod that it is not being maintained.

[*] This does not apply to mod developers that are planning to conquer the world: you can either force people to speak your language or simply kill those who don't.
Pro-tip: you can just wait until when they will be finally forced by circumstances to learn your language, those stupid barbarians!
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