Placing schematics with chests

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Placing schematics with chests

by Stronk » Thu Oct 17, 2019 18:04

I tried searching a bit for this and saw a little bit of other people having problem with Technic chests in schematics. I had the same issue so I switched to the default chest. Now I'm seeing an entirely new issue. With the technic chests, they were just blocks. Not even chests. Now with the default chests, they are still chests but their inventory isn't recognized. It's just a blank grey screen with my inventory. If I click where the inventory is supposed to be it says...

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GUIFormSpecMenu::drawList(): The inventory location "nodemeta:16,46,23" doesn't exist

Is this common with everyone or does this relate to an inventory mod I am using? It wasn't doing this before so I'm concerned. I'd like to share my schematics eventually without instructions to replace EVERY single chest with a new one.

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Re: Placing schematics with chests

by solars » Thu Oct 17, 2019 22:56

The mts-files don't save the metadata. The we-files do.

In WorldEdit it is "//save" instead of "//mtschemcreate" and "//load" instead of "//mtschemplace".
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Re: Placing schematics with chests

by paramat » Fri Oct 18, 2019 21:45

Yes, with the official MT schematic format '.mts' you have to initialise any node that should contain metadata, such as chests.

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Re: Placing schematics with chests

by Sokomine » Wed Oct 30, 2019 22:19

My handle_schematics mod at least initializes the nodes so that chests, furnaces etc. will work. It doesn't really save and load metadata yet.
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