how can i line up multiple image files with color-mutiplyers

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how can i line up multiple image files with color-mutiplyers

by Drachenbauer32 » Mon Oct 21, 2019 17:57


i have theese textures:
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    skin = "skinwhite.png",
    eyes = "eyeswhite.png^[multiply:#3f3f3f",
    hair = "hairwhite.png^[multiply:#3f3f3f",
    shirt = "shirtwhite.png^[multiply:#ff0000",
    pants = "pantswhite.png^[multiply:#0000ff",

in this sample:
-skin: tan
-eyes and hair: dark grey
-shirt: red
-pants: blue

Now i want to line them up to generate a complex texture for a player-character.
I want to make it this way to be able to switch ingame between different colors for hair, eyes, shirt and pants.
And i want to usw white graphics and color multiplyers, because so I need less graphic-files in the mod-folder.

If i line them up with just a "^" between them, the color-multiplyers will change the color of all graphics on their left side.

How do i line them up, that each color-multiplyer recolors only the graphic-file directly at it´s left side and not more?


Now i found it my self:
Code: Select all

Encase each filename with it´s color-modifyer in round brackets with a "^" between each of theese bracket-groups.
so at first it applys the colors on the single textures and then stacks them together.

Maybe this will help others, too.

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